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Staring at our reflection

This week has seen developments in two major corporate scandals, one on each side of the Atlantic. Last Thursday US bank Wells Fargo was fined $185m for creating more than two million unauthorised bank and credit card accounts for customers, and moving funds from customers’ existing accounts into these newly-created ones without their knowledge or consent in order to incur substantial charges. The bank admitted to firing 5,300 employees for this illegal and unethical activity, which had become systemic.


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Nasty is the New Black

Over the last couple of years we’ve all seen politics turn distinctly nastier. Whether it’s the abusive rhetoric of Donald Trump, the Maoist-style ‘calling out’ by campus protestors, the paranoiac accusations of media conspiracy against Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn, or the barefaced lies of the ‘Leave’ campaign, few of us have witnessed anything like this before. But these disturbing tendencies are by no means confined to politics.