what would happenif we respected the integrity and choicesof the people we were addressing?

Yet we human beings are sensitive creatures. When someone tries to push us around, we feel it. And we resent being treated like this. That’s why, as ‘big data’, psychographic profiling and social targeting have enabled communicators to become more and more manipulative, trust in organisations has plummeted. This approach damages the fabric of relationship. Is it how we should treat the people we serve? And what does it say about us?

There can be no real consent to exploitation

I’m James SouttarI take a radically different approach to communications which begins with what we most enjoy

I’m with John and Yoko here: “Give peace a chance!” And I take a completely different approach. I think we should learn from the kind of communicating which makes us happiest: how we speak with those we love. This is the language of friendship and intimacy. And what underlies it is the trust which comes from mutual respect, in which each can open up to the other. Then we can be true to ourselves. Not trying to adapt to what we think others want but confident in who we are and what we have to say.